Breguet Reine De Naples 8918br Strongest Replica Women’s Watch

Breguet is a famous Swiss watch brand produced in 1775. It has always been a symbol of romance and beauty. Elegance and temperament are unique to Breguet watches. Since the launch of Breguet, Breguet watches have always been a hobby of the royal nobility and the upper classes. Breguet watches are skilled and have three complex functions of a gyroscope, a perpetual calendar, and a three-tone spring.

Breguet’s several women’s watches, Reine De Naples series, and High Jewellery series, fully express the femininity and elegance. The most classic female watch style must be the Queen Reine De Naples series. Reine De Naples watches, each dial design is different; each watch style is different. Today I take a look at replica Breguet Reine De Naples 8918BR watch.

Breguet Reine De Naples series 8918 watch adopts the soft goose egg shape design, cast in 18k rose gold. The bezel part is set with 117 diamonds with a total weight of about 0.99 carats, shining with a moving luster. One of Breguet’s special features is the delicate coin pattern on the side of the case. Its crown at 4 o’clock and its distinctive lugs make this watch a highly recognizable and iconic model, recognized and sought after by the world.

This replica Breguet Reine De Naples 8918 watch is a goose-shaped case with a size of 36.5 * 28.45 mm. The outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns. The bezel and the case are surrounded by a total of 117 Swarovski crystals (about 0.99). Carat). The crown is set with a pear-shaped crystal (about 0.26 carats). In order to achieve the feel of the original 18k rose gold quality, the counterweight of the inner structure of the case has been adjusted to achieve the same fake gold watches as the original.

The bottom of this Breguet replica watch has a transparent design, and the letters on the case backs are engraved with the same depth as the original, with a clear three-dimensional appearance. The movement adopts Citizen 6T51 movement to Breguet’s own.537 / 3 movement. The movement is stable and accurate, and its appearance is gorgeous.

The mirror of this Breguet replica watch uses a domed sapphire crystal glass, which has been treated with anti-glare coating. From the side, there is no fish-eye effect, and it can also reflect the brilliant light brought by diamonds, which shows the noble pedigree of the watch.

The replica Breguet Reine De Naples 8918 watch uses the same silk (lambskin-wrapped silk) strap as the genuine one. The strap is as gentle as skin and very comfortable to wear. The buckle uses a Breguet folding case for easy wearing.

Summary: This Breguet Reine De Naples quality watch replicas swiss made is the best replica watch on the market. Both the material and the details are very similar to the genuine ones. Welcome, all tasting friends, to appreciate and comment.