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Tag Heuer is one of the famous Swiss watches and is the leader in high-end watches, but its popularity and influence in the watch market are average. Many people are not very familiar with the watch market. They said that Tag Heuer is not as famous as Longines, so today, we will carefully introduce the level of Tag Heuer watches.

Edouard Heuer set up his small watch studio in St Imier in the Jura Mountains in western Switzerland in 1860, resulting in international high-end watches and essential heroic watches in the international sports field. This is the origin of Tag Heuer.

In 1882, since Tag Heuer applied for its first patent for a mechanical stopwatch, Tag Heuer has been a representative of sports watch authority and advanced technology.
In 1887, Tag Heuer invented the “vibration gear” technology, which is still used by many watch manufacturers today.
In 1916, Tag Heuer invented the first stopwatch accurate to 1% of a second.
In 1930, Tag Heuer revealed the world’s first-time code watch with automatic uplink function.
In 1975, Tag Heuer released the world’s first crystal watch …

The above are all part of many patents obtained by Tag Heuer. These industry-leading patented technologies, TAG Heuer watches, have established an essential position in the watch industry in Switzerland and the world.
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Swiss Advanced Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300

Nowadays, the technology of watchmaking is more and more advanced, including the high-quality of all kinds of famous luxury replica watches. The quality of replica watch Tag Heuer has been hailed as a model of avant-garde watchmaking for watch replicas swiss made.

Tag Heuer, as an old and powerful Swiss watch brand, has provided us with superb and excellent watches. Today we are here to take a look at this Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300 carbon fiber watch.

This Tag Heuer replica watch combined the three elements of carbon, titanium, and meteorite as the theme, with black as the primary color, and blue, yellow, and rose gold embellished in black. Because of the black background, so the three more colors are lively and bright!

This Tag Heuer replica watch is a lightweight pure titanium alloy material, according to the original 1: 1 replica! Every accessory and function are interchangeable with the original! On the case and buckle, the primary color is black through vacuum high-temperature plating, and a protective layer of dust, static electricity, and fingerprints is applied to each accessory.

The watch face is the soul of a watch! Although the face of this Tag Heuer replica watch does not seem complicated, it took nine months to make, adjust, and perfect it again and again, and finally, we can make a nearly perfect Tag Heuer replica watch! The strap is a combination of black nylon and the first layer of cowhide and silicone, with blue, yellow, and black threads to match the color of the watch!

The surface of this Tag Heuer replica watch is sprayed with undertones and then printed with multiple layers of glass molds to create a “denim pattern” dark pattern. After the dark pattern dries naturally, it is layer-by-layer, with nearly 30 traditional processes print out the effect of a meteorite!

The bezel of this Tag Heuer replica watch is a combination of carbon fiber material and titanium alloy so that the carbon fiber raw materials with similar texture can be individually debugged. It is made by stamping, carving, sanding, printing, applying a protective film, and sanding multiple processes.

This replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer, the highest version in the world, perfectly restores the current exclusive technology of carbon fiber loops. Thirty-two processes form it, and the case is plated in a titanium alloy vacuum furnace. The high-density nylon strap makes diving everywhere.