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Replica Longines Master Collection Day-Date Automatic Full Steel Silver Dial

Founded in Switzerland in 1832, Longines has a long history of more than 180 years and superb craftsmanship. It also has a distinguished tradition and outstanding experience in the field of sports timing. As a leading global brand, Longines watches have been used in more than 130 countries around the world. The Master Collection collection is the hottest collection of the Longines brand.

Our Longines Master Collection replica watches for sale cheap. This series of Swiss replica watches meet the needs of watch fans with pure quality and personality and has been well received by many watch friends. Today I will introduce this replica Longines Master Collection L2.755.4.78.6 watch.

With a diameter of 38.5mm, this Longines replica watch is suitable for people with slender wrists. The case is made of 316 stainless steel. After polishing, the case looks very smooth, rounded, and rounded, and the chamfer is processed without thorns. The big three-handed design, the cloth dial, looks atmospheric and straightforward. The three hands are calcined, the baked blue hands are the same color as the original, and the Arabic numerals 1 to 12 are convenient and concise when reading.

The literal Longines logo on this Longines replica watch has been polished to give it a three-dimensional feel without feeling blunt. The calendar window has been processed twice, and it looks layered. The calendar font is clear, and the font size is the same as the original. The mirror is made of sapphire, and the permeability is very good. High mirror hardness, wear-resistance, and scratch resistance.

Reflectors can be seen from the side polishing effect of this Longines replica watch. The Logo logo on the crown is visible, and the round on the head can be matched with the genuine one. The lettering on the bottom cover is made of corrosion, and the effect is perfect. The matte visual sense can be seen at the bottom of the font.

A replica Longines watch with a transparent bottom. The movement uses the Seagull 2836 movement. This movement has undergone deep processing, and the delicate Geneva texture mimics the texture unique to the genuine ETA movement. The performance of this movement is very stable.

The strap is made of 316L stainless steel, which has been polished by the two processes of brushing and polishing. The buckle adopts the conjoined butterfly buckle. Comfortable and convenient to wear.

The replica Longines Master Collection watch has been treated with perfection on the dial and caseback. Friends who like this Longines knockoff watches must not miss it.